3-meter crocodile rescued as climate change strikes

Croc in search of water

1,591Views 0Comments Posted 30/07/2019

The Ministry of Environment (Miambiente) in the province of Los Santos has rescued a 3-meter crocodile from  Bella Vista beach of Guararé after it was spotted by local residents

Alexis Rivera, a biologist at the Ministry, said  the croc  is of the   Crocodylus species and weighs 250 pounds

To date in 2019, there are over  150 animals of different species have been rescued in the Azuero region.

A report by Miambiente confirmed the rescue of some 105 species affected by climate change in the region, after running out of water in their respective habitat, the highest statistic in recent years.

Among the rescued species are: alligators, crocodiles and turtles, frogs, deer, porcupine, zarigüellas, anteater and parakeets

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