Huge Gusts of Wind Throughout Panama

1,794Views 0Comments Posted 14/04/2024

Several homes have been affected with the strong winds of late, some gusting up to 65mph and higher, causing at least 10 or more large trees to go down.  The Director of the National Civil Protection System, Armando Palacios, reported about the falling trees and homes affected with roofing issues, caused by the many huge wind gusts throughout the country.  Palacios pointed out that Sinaproc maintains permanent communication with both the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology of Panama and with the Fire Department and the different security departments that make up the Joint Task Force to monitor the climate conditions of the country and thus alert the population in a timely manner in order to reduce risks and structural affects.Due to these conditions, Sinaproc issued a Strong Wind Gust Warning that will be extended until this Monday.  Winds are expected to reach maximum speeds of up to 75 km/h in some parts of Chiriqui province.  Palacios requested artisanal fishermen to take extreme safety measures because with the current windy conditions the tides also increase and can cause dangerous situations on the high seas.  He assured that these verification actions in mountainous areas and prone to strong windy activities are also maintained, to alert these citizens who, he asserted, must increase their security measures, avoid being under dangerous trees and support the roofs of their homes, if they believe they are in poor conditions.