Panama International Film Festival freebies

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 PANAMA’S  Sixth  International Film Festival (Mar.30 –Apr. 5) is once again providing free screening of  feature films providing entertainment for the whole family.

The  four  outdoor presentations will be in the  Mirador Del Pacifico  amphitheater on the Cinta Costera   near the Seafood Market.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

FRIDAY, MAR. 31 (8:00 pm)

 La Jota (and  live dancing)

A VIBRANT and sonorous musical  with, dance and music of Aragon directed by the masterful Carlos Saura There will be a   special presentation of Miguel Ángel Bern, dancer and  the film’schoreographer.

IFF Panama will also present  a live performance of Balon-piés the contemporary dance show based on soccer. This initiative of the Spanish choreographer Fernando Hurtado is a project of the Iberescena Foundation which relates the arts and sport, with the goal of attracting a new public to the culture, through the sport discipline.

Six professional dancers will be on stage and through the movement, energy, tactics and gestures that are constantly seen in soccer, will introduce the audience to a new artistic terrain.

SATURDAY, APRIL 1 (7.30 pm)
Ernest and Célestine
The Rolling Stones Olé Olé Olé! (9:00 pm)

Two cinematographic options loaded with a lot of emotion and fun for the whole family.

The first feature is the animated Ernest and Celestine, an endearing story that tells how a great bear and a little mouse become friends in very strange circumstances: when he met, he tried to eat her. In spite of their many differences, the bear Ernest and the mouse Celestine have something in common: neither one wants to do what they are supposed to do. Ernest is an accountant and Celestine becomes a dentist.

The second screening is full of music with The Rolling Stones Olé Olé Olé! Documentary,  filmed during the show that the legendary rock band took to 10 cities in 2016. The film by Paul Dugdale, shows the interlacing’s of the group's presentations and includes the free show offered in Cuba to 1,200,000 people. It also narrates the coexistence between Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood as the trip advances.

SUNDAY, APRIL 2 (8:00 pm),


This successful docudrama of the Dominican director Yanillys Pérez, had its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, after having participated in the industry section of IFF Panama, Primera Mirada.

Jeffrey, self-baptized as The Nightmare and who dreams of being a reggaeton singer, follows in the footsteps of one of his older brothers Jeyson.

Jeffrey is a 12-year-old glass cleaner, who  has worked on the streets since he was 6 years old, and is one of the many children in Santo Domingo, who approach cars stopped at traffic lights, and cleans windshields without permission, hoping to get some coins. Together they lead roller coaster lives in search of a dream.

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