Panama's Gracie Bon Buys Her Own Plane

1,605Views 0Comments Posted 03/04/2024

At the beginning of 2024, the Panamanian OnlyFans model, Gracie Bon, became an international trend after publishing a video complaining about commercial airplanes having seats that are too small for the size of her enormous butt. Gracie confessed that every time she travels she has to buy two seats to be more comfortable, however, this represents an extra expense for her.

The issue is that commercial airlines do not plan to make changes to their seats, so the Panamanian took the matter to heart and decided to solve the problem with a checkbook. And the content creator left her followers in shock after announcing that she bought her own plane so she will no longer have to worry about making anyone uncomfortable with her enormous curves every time she goes on a trip for an appearance.

Gracie posted a video on her social media giving the scoop: “I just bought my first plane. “Commercial airlines don't make bigger seats, so I took matters into my own hands ,” the model explained in English.

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