Ruben Blades collects another Grammy

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PANAMANIAN  singer-songwriter Rubén Blades, who has been collecting trophies throughout his long singing and acting career added to his large collection of Grammy awards on Thursday, November 16 when he and Roberto Delgado and his orchestra collected the "Best Salsa Album" title with the production "Salsa Big Band".

Blades has also been mulling over a run for President in 2019.


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Blades is an entertainer who has experience in government, unlike the former reality show host now in the White House.

Last year

Congratulations on the award—stay doing what you do best (entertaining) and where you are appreciated for your talents (the US recording industry). As a wise Venezulean observed: if a political leader sings to you, that’s the first sign you’re in trouble. The second comes when Liberal Hollywood actors come to visit your country to praise its leadership.

Last year
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