Musical uplift for prisoners and community

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By Margot Thomas

PANAMA’S MUSIC FESTIVAL, 2016 will continue its policy of spreading a musical message beyond bars and restaurants and will include the Women's Rehabilitation Center (a fancy name for jail) as a venue.

Last year  Panama’s Metro was included in the unconventional settings policy to make art an inclusive affair.

On Tuesday June 21 music  focused on the urban genre, will be presented at the prison by  singer-songwriter Sugasti Yigo, accompanied by Alex Montes de Seventh Root, Grettel Garibaldi and the closure sing Flex, also known as Nigga

A musical composition workshop for prisoners will be added to the agenda

The cultural program  will also be taken to José Domingo Espinar Elementary School, in San Miguelito, where  the play The 3 Little Pigs to the rescue  of Little Red Riding Hood, will have musicians as actors. That atarts at 9 am

The Cultural activity, which consists of presenting a varied repertoire of live music simultaneously in different places originated in France in 1982.

Since then it has been developed in another 180 countries.
In Panama the program is managed by the Alliance Francaise, the Mayor of Panama and Bohemian Point.
Another platform for diverse audiences and rock lovera will be in the Parque Andres Bello in via Argentina. From 3:30 p.m. to 9:00 pm with emerging artists Libya Montano, Lejana City, Monalisa and Rodrigo, Entre Nos, and others with experience likr Apache Ness, Inesta, Os Admirals and Any Tovar will perform The Music Festival is free to all, so put Tuesday June 21 in your diary  and enjoy.

A few days earlier, on Sunday June 18, there will be a free educational day. It kicks off with a discussion in the  El Hatillo auditorium at 10:00 a.m. with former participants of the Festival of Music and, a seminar on promotion and marketing,  followed by music 2:00. to 5:00 pm.




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