OPINION: President deaf to Ports outcry

President Nito Cortizo

811Views 3Comments Posted 28/06/2021

The renewal of the port concession contract to Panama Ports Company (PPC) has had the population fired up for a whole week, as the terms in which it was negotiated are unknown. Everyone demands an explanation, as well as a copy of the commitments made by the parties, but they do not appear. But worst of all is the scandalous fact that the President, aware of the collective anger that exists over this matter, has not demanded of his vice president, minister of the Presidency, and president of the board of directors of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP), José Gabriel Carrizo, to give the necessary explanations, instead of allowing him to hide behind a statement and an expensive advertising campaign that tries to convince us that we have a gold mine in our hands. This topic smells very bad, starting with the President's deafness in the face of so much protest, and continuing with the fact that one of the state negotiators is, simultaneously, a member of the PPC and the WAP boards of directors. Is it that nobody was interested in the serious conflict of interest of the Minister-Counselor José Alejandro Rojas Pardini? The entire board of the AMP, including those who separated from the negotiation, owe explanations to the country. What do you expect to give them? The indifference and how crooked this government is is very worrying. including those who separated from the negotiation, they owe explanations to the country. What do you expect to give them? – LA PRENSA, Jun. 28.