White House ponders new sanctions on Nicaragua

Cristiana María Chamorro, held incommunicado in her bedroom.

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AFP - Juan González The adviser for Hemispheric Affairs of the National Security Council of the White House, declared that the White House would be evaluating, in coordination with the United States Congress, new sanctions against the Daniel Ortega regime.

According to González, the sanctions would be based on three factors, first their impact, then international support and incentives.

"Strong international support for certain decisions" is key "because sanctions and unilateral actions have no impact," González told the Voice of the Americas.

He recalled that Ortega has survived the sanctions and international pressure, "but until now has not experienced the impact that possible sanctions directed at the economic sector" of Nicaragua could generate.

The position of the White House is known a day after the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) revealed that it issued a resolution on June 24, through which it granted precautionary measures in favor of Cristiana María Chamorro Barrios and three others detained by the Ortega regime.

These measures will also benefit the leaders Walter Antonio Gómez Silva, Marcos Antonio Fletes Casco, and Lourdes Arróliga.

The IACHR, which issued the statement on these measures on the afternoon of June 28, considered that the situation meets prima facie the requirements of seriousness, urgency and irreparability contained in Article 25 of its regulations.

According to complaints from organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Chamorro is "kidnapped" in her home where she is isolated and held incommunicado in her bedroom.

Chamorro is guarded by the Nicaraguan state security forces who have taken control of the house.

The Ortega regime's attacks on the opposition this year began on May 20 and has left a balance of 21 opponents arrested less than five months before the November 7 elections.