Volcano Erupts Again in the Galapagos

1,300Views 0Comments Posted 03/03/2024

The La Cumbre volcano on the uninhabited Fernandina Island, in the Ecuadorian Galapagos archipelago, erupted again, the state Geophysical Institute reported on Sunday.  On Saturday night, “a thermal anomaly and a gas emission indicating the beginning of an eruptive process” were recorded in La Cumbre, 1,463 meters high, the agency said.  A cloud of gas, without much ash content, was displaced by the wind “without exceeding populations” of other islands with human settlements such as neighboring Isabela, he added.  The Geophysicist indicated that videos shared on social networks confirm the eruption from a circumferential fissure on the southern flank of the only Fernandina volcano, located west of the Galapagos, a natural heritage of humanity.  “The sky in the west of Galapagos dawned red!” said the local airport on its X account, in which it published photos showing incandescent rivers of lava descending down the slopes of the volcano.  The Summit “provides a spectacle with a new eruption,” the terminal noted, adding that the natural phenomenon does not represent any type of impact on airport operations.  The Summit has erupted on several occasions, such as in 2020, when it did so for the third time in less than three years.  Galapagos, 1,000 km from the coast of Ecuador and which takes its name from the giant tortoises that live there, served the English naturalist Charles Darwin to develop the theory on the evolution of species.  It is also part of the biosphere reserve, it has unique flora and fauna in the world and its ecosystem is delicate.