US paper reveals secrets of war in Afghanistan

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In 1971 'The Washington Post' published the "Pentagon Papers", which also revealed the mistakes of the United States in the Vietnam War. Now the newspaper reveals the secrets of another war in which hundreds of lives have been lost reports AFP.

After a three-year legal battle, The Washington Post, through the Freedom of Information Act, secured documentation of the United States' participation in the war in Afghanistan.

In the documentation obtained by the Post there are interviews with 400 officers of the US military, who criticized the participation of the United States in the war in Afghanistan.

The interviews detailed the mistakes of the Americans during almost two decades that they participated in the conflict in Afghanistan.


In a comprehensive report, the Post publicly exposes the soldiers' criticisms of the decisions made by the White House authorities.

They are more than 2,000, in which the military make confessions and express the frustrations they lived on the battlefield.

The already named  "Roles of Afghanistan" tell the secrets of the war that cost the United States hundreds of lives and multi-millions of dollars.

In a section of the report, entitled "The roles of Afghanistan, the secret history of the war," the Post said the US government has not detailed how much that war cost. However, the expenses have been incalculable for thousands of soldiers, says the newspaper.

The Washington Post had previously published "The Pentagon Papers," which showed in 1971 that the United States was in the Vietnam War, knowing that it would not win.

On that occasion there were 7,000 pages, which contained interviews with officials, diplomatic cables, memoranda on decisions made on the battlefield and intelligence reports.

US President Trump promised again two weeks ago to reduce the presence of his military in Afghanistan.

Trump wants to go from 12,000 to only 8,600 US military in Afghan lands.

The United States, Russia, Pakistan, Qatar and Iran have dialogued with the Taliban in search of ending the civil war they maintain in several Afghan areas.

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The first casualty of war is truth. On all sides. The same happened in Vietnam.

1 month ago
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