UK Prime  Minister Sacks Conservative Party Leader

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has sacked Conservative Party Chairman and Minister without PortfolioPanama justice system faces test in 2023 – business leadersr breaching the "code" of good ministerial conduct in connection with his tax return scandal.

In a letter sent to Zahawi, which was reported this Sunday, the head of the Conservative Government points out that "it is clear that there was a serious violation of the ministerial code."

The scandal around Zahawi broke out a few days ago after he admitted that he had paid a fine to the British Treasury after detecting an error, which he described as "unintentional", in the payment of taxes.

"When I became prime minister last year, I promised that my government would have integrity, professionalism and responsibility at all levels," Sunak's letter states, explaining that he asked Laurie Magnus, an independent adviser on the ethical conduct of ministers. to investigate the matter.

"Following the completion of the independent adviser's investigation, it is clear that there has been a serious violation of the ministerial code. As a result, I have informed him of my decision to remove him from his position in Her Majesty's Government," it adds.

In the letter, Sunak stressed to Zahawi that he should feel "proud" of his achievements in the Government during the last five years, since he had been responsible for the vaccination plan against covid-19 and was also Minister of Economy.

"In particular, his successful oversight of the covid-19 vaccine procurement and deployment program which ensured the UK was at the forefront of the global response to the coronavirus pandemic," the letter underlines.

As revealed a few days ago by the newspaper "The Guardian", Zahawi had come to agree with the Treasury to settle an outstanding debt with a surcharge of 30%, for which he paid a total of 4.8 million pounds (5.47 million euros). According to Zahawi, who was finance minister last year, the surcharge was related to the polling firm YouGov, which he founded in 2000.

After the controversy broke out, the Labour Party, the first of the British opposition, called for Zahawi's resignation.

The adviser who investigated the matter, as reported today, revealed to Sunak that he observed certain "omissions" on the part of Zahawi when he acceded to the Prime Minister's Government.

According to the adviser, Zahawi did not reveal relevant information about the fine with the Treasury when he was appointed president of the Conservative Party and minister without portfolio last year.