Cortizo calls  on UN for joint action on migration crisis

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President Laurentino Cortizo, in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, called on the international community to jointly address the migratory crisis that Panama is facing and that entails a "responsibility" for the entire region. 

He said that this crisis is growing exponentially, ensuring that in January, Panama was receiving 800 migrants, but in August of this year, the figure increased to 30,000.

"Our country in a responsible manner, respectful of human rights, provides dignified treatment to these migrants and offers them temporary shelter, medical assistance, and food," said Cortizo.

He called on the international community to make a joint effort with coordinated strategies and resources as soon as possible to anticipate a regional humanitarian crisis of great proportions.

"We dedicate a part of our limited resources. Panama does its part. This is everyone's responsibility and it is now. I have listened to many speeches and speeches with great depth. But we have to go from speeches to concrete actions," he stressed.

Climate change
He then spoke about climate change, stating that the serious problems facing the planet are related to it.

“What else do world leaders need to understand that it is a very high priority problem?” he asked.

He highlighted that Panama is one of three countries in the world classified as carbon-negative being the country with "the best maritime and air connectivity in Latin America and the Caribbean." He indicated that it has been understood that what is good for the planet is good for the economy and for each of the countries.

He also highlighted that Panama is a blue world leader, complying with the 30x30 initiative to protect 30% of the oceans, a goal reached 9 years before the set date.

“Panama offers itself once again as a bridge to bring nations closer together, seek common and concrete solutions to problems, and face regional and global challenges. We can do it with a route marked by solidarity and respect for Human Rights, through broad and honest dialogues to maintain social peace, "he said.

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Before anyone in Panama starts criticizing anyone, Prez Cortizo ought to look towards enforcing the will of the people in his own country. There is law here that every tree cut down, must be replaced, but that never happens because that law is never enforced. You can give lip service to ecological issues but if you fail to follow your own, or any one else's scientific conclusions as to what is required, you not only loose credibility but you destroy your own environment by doing the same as what you accuse others. Do you believe for even one second that there isn't a long list of ecological protections that are ignored? Look in the ditches, beaches and streams for garbage, before answering....

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To the President of Panama read this link before you preach about human rights to the world and what a proud advocate of human rights your country stands for: Shame on you Cortizo

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CRIMES EXPOSED IN GLOBAL NETWORK OF CRIMINAL TERRORISTS! A German IT engineer has produced a 170 page document exposing the "COVID network", referred to as "public-private partnerships" by the United Nations, World Economic Forum, etc. In layman's terms, this is the global technocracy. The document exposes the insane level of corruption and connectivity behind the COVID psyop and how it was possible for elites to fool the entire planet. It includes data on WHO (United Nations), European Union, Bill Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, Facebook, Google, DARPA, the CDC, and many more. PDF here:

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