Turkey adds direct flights to Panama

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PANAMA, already defined in terms of air and sea transport as "the hub of the Americas", is opening its runways to additional airlines at an inceasing pace.

Turkish Airlines has announced it will begin service three times a week between Istanbul and Panama City next February.
The flight will exceed 13 hours.
Recently, Emirates Airlines announced it would be adding service between Panama City and Dubai, which on its westward journey will b the longest non stop flight in the world.
Those flights, as well as ones being added by Lufthansa, "represent a significant contribution to the 9.5 percent growth of the annual traffic at Tocumen International Airport, which will reinforce its position as the leading regional hub in Latin America," said a Tocumen International Airport spokesman.
The Emirates flight will be 13,821 kilometers and last 17 hours and 35 minutes. That will exceed the current longest flight in the world, which is between Sydney (Australia) and Dallas (United States) and operated by the Australian airline Qantas.

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