Once a week flights Toronto-Rio Hato ahead

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FOUR MONTHS after the showcase opening of the Scarlett Martinez International Airport, in Rio Hato, Sunwing Airlines will introduce direct weekly flights from Toronto Canada. Later in the year, during the peak months of the snowbird exodus from Canada, it will add Quebec gateways including Montreal starting in November and Quebec City starting in December. Bagotville will be added in February 2015.

The flights on Boeing 737-800 are part of one week vacation packages offered by the Sunwing Group, which should prove a major boost to theisitor statistics for Panama's new travel boss,
A company press release says Sunwing Airlines has been offering affordable flights since 2005. Operating convenient direct flights from almost 40 cities in North America, to over 30 vacation destinations.
All Sunwing Vacations include a complimentary glass of champagne, hot towel service, Hot & Fresh Bistro meals served with a choice of wine at lunch and dinner, and complimentary in-flight entertainment and 20 kg free baggage allowance.
For $40 more per flight, travellers can upgrade to the Elite Plus Service™, which gives advance seat selection, separate check-in at a majority of airports, advance boarding, 30 kg baggage allowance, priority baggage handling, and extra legroom seats.
Air Canada recently announced three times a week direct flights from Tonto to Panama City, and Copa Airlines runs daily direct flights from Toronto and Montreal.

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