Life gets easier for carry-on passengers

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LIFE  for air  passengers who fly smart by restricting their luggage to “carry-on” is about to  get easier, and boarding faster  with  the    launch of  the  new Cabin brand “Airspace by Airbus” for the forthcoming A330neo airliner.

A company press release says the new look encompasses  four key dimensions: Comfort, Ambience, Service and Design.

[caption id="attachment_59115" align="alignleft" width="300"]Real space Real space[/caption]

Passengers, used to  struggling to find space near their seat  for their luggage  will appreciate the larger overhead storage bins, , wider seats and  aisles, and unobstructed under-seat foot space. In addition, all Airspace cabins –include the latest LED technology ambient lighting, clean, straight lines and shapes, clear surfaces, and a unique, customizable welcome area “with not just a ‘feeling’ of space, but real space.

Magazine racks, ventilation grilles and window bezels have been upgraded and re-styled.

But for  the carry-on afficionado  the new  bin design which affords passengers more carry-on stowage is the clincher.   The A330neo, Airbus’ cabin designers have increased the capacity by about 66 percent, allowing five cases to be placed in each four-frame bin. The increased storage space also  reduces boarding time, and ensures passengers can stow their luggage above their own seats. Passengers will also appreciate fourth-generation IFE, with HD viewing resolution and discrete electronic boxes which provide clear under-seat legroom. Onboard wireless services (access to an intranet portal including streaming capability), and High Bandwidth Connectivity services will also benefit passengers.


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How long do you think the airlines will keep the " wider seats and aisles, and unobstructed under-seat foot space" before they find a way to cram more seats in that space.

3 years ago
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