El Al plans direct Israel-Panama flights

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EL AL is the latest international airline to announcey direct to Panama, the “hub of the Americas”  joining Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Lufhansa and possibly Virgin  Airlines.
The airline will initiate the connection to Tocumen International Airport with four weekly flights from Tel Aviv, Israel. We have recently acquired 15 new widebody Dreamliner 787-8 and 787 -9, considered the most innovative and advanced aircraft in the world, "said Daniel Stapleton, director of El Al International Affairs  in a statement issued through Panama’s Tourism Authority,(ATP.)
El Al Israel is headquartered at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv and operates international flights to 47 destinations in Africa, Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East; this would be the first destination in the region and the estimated flying time for the 11,705 km route is more than 14 hours, the statement said.
Currently 21 passenger airlines use Tocumen International.

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