Venezuelan  flights snafu leaves 452 stranded at Tocumen

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Over 450 Venezuelans who were to board three flights of the country’s state-owned airline, Conviasa to their home country on the weekend were left stranded at Tocumen airport.

The destinations of tourists trapped by the pandemic, or workers whose jobs have disappeared in the economic crisis, were  Caracas, Valencia and Maracaibo.

Elvis Gutiérrez, one of the spokesmen for the group who want to return home, said they were informed that the flights will be rescheduled for the next few days. The time and date of the trips is not yet certain.

Oswaldo Velásquez, an official of the Venezuelan embassy informed them on the night of Friday, September 18, that the delay was for "operational reasons."

Gutiérrez commented that the passengers are required to have a swab test and to pay the departure $70 departure tax

Panama’s Foreign Ministry press team said that the Government only coordinates the flights to bring home Panamanians who were abroad.

Meanwhile, Panamanians who were booked on in-bound flights are stuck in Venezuela

Panama has closed international flights since March 23 but allows Tocumen to function as a humanitarian flight hub and for passenger transit.

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Oh ya

I too believe jb just stated some facts, but it is not just here, read ladt night how many grade 8 kids in the states are way below average, about 60 /70 percent and this is woth spending 23-30 g on each kid to educate them. But a sad state of affairs nevertheless for those that have to go back to Venezuela . Their trip or job ends here and they have to go back to country that has nothing, largest oil reserves in the world and a gas shortage and very poor quality of gas if you can find it. Another fine run socialist goverment. Americans should take note with AOC and friends

1 month ago

I saw no racism in Jb's post. He just stated the science and the facts. I thought the leftists said to follow the science. The IQ tests show the average person there is low.

1 month ago

Check your stupidity button. What the heck have your continual racist comments got to do with anything real? Or

1 month ago

Government screwing up peoples lives! Exit taxes on poor people. Testing for a disease that is wide spread and one more positive person one way or another makes no difference! The stupidity in Panama is famous and actually proven by science. The problem is if you live here you subject yourself to people who are much less intelligent. Be smart and stay away.

1 month ago
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