Panama adds new tourist magnet

613Views 0Comments Posted 14/05/2015

THE RECENTLY opened Soho Panama Mall on Calle 50, is the most modern and most luxurious commercial center in Central America and promises to be a magnet for not only local residents, but well-heeled tourists, particularly those from South America, with money to spend, and attracted by the comparatively low tax on goods. But with its mulriplicity of stores ir will also attract the selective shopper looking for quaility.

The $400 million iconic twin towers house brands likeLouis Vuitton, Prada and 120 other trendy stores along with 16 restaurants and cafes, a gourmet organic supermarket, VIP cinemas a Power Glub, a casino, a spa and a family entertainmentcenter It The office towers are LEED certified . LEED is a certification system for sustainable buildings which aims to advance the use of strategies to an overall improvement in the environmental impact of the construction industry.
The third tower, will be home to the first Ritz Carlton Hotel in Central America and the second in Latin America. The Ritz Carlton includes 300 rooms and 80 suites.