Panama hopes to gain $125 million from tourist vaccination  plan

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Tourists visiting Panama, for a minimum of two days after October 1 may be vaccinated against Covid-19 says the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP).

Interested tourists should process their requests only through hotels and travel agencies approved for the ATP program.

To qualify for the program, visitors must be at least 30 years old and book a minimum of two nights at a hotel in Panama.

Tourists will be able to choose between staying in Panama for the six weeks necessary to receive their second dose or returning at the time of their second appointment.

The ATP launched the “Vacutur Panama” program, which would make Panama the first country in Latin America to vaccinate unimmunized travelers against the virus.

According to ATP, it is estimated that with this initiative, promoted by the ATP, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and the Government Innovation Authority, the country's economy will receive an economic injection of $125 million.

Panama received the eighth and last batch of AstraZeneca on September 12 and consisted of 163,200 doses. In total, the country received a total of 1.2 million doses from that company bilaterally.

“This initiative from Panama is a show of solidarity and an effort to help expand global access to the vaccine especially for residents of neighboring countries that have a lower vaccination rate and provides another much-needed source of support for the tourism industry. "Said Iván Eskildsen, administrator of the ATP.

Tourists from high-risk countries must comply with a mandatory three-day quarantine and be responsible for all expenses during it.

This requirement also applies to those who have traveled through high-risk countries within the 15 days prior to their arrival in Panama.

The vaccination points will be located in shopping centers in the capital city and the Government's initiative coincides with the “Black Week” shopping promotion, from September 30 to October 10.


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