Panama expands time for passengers to present covid swab tests

2,089Views 2Comments Posted 05/09/2020

The Ministry of Health (Minsa), has extended to 96 hours the time for airline travelers who wish to enter, to present, prior to boarding, proof of swab / PCR or negative antigen, to the airline, by which they will travel. The measure applies to all passengers entering the national territory, and it will be maintained until the State of National Emergency lasts

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what are they afraid someones going to bring it to Panama? This country is overrun with Kung Flu already. The rules, decrees and lockdowns have done nothing stop the spread they have only destroyed lives and created a tyrannical police state. We now see that was the whole point all along!!!!

7 months ago

because you can't catch covid 4 days leading up to traveling on a plane

7 months ago
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