Panama most popular at China travel show

AWARD for Panama

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PANAMA’S Tourism Authority and local travel operators are looking for a surge of Chinese visitors following The Guangzho, International Travel Fair in Canton, where  Panama was identified as the  "most popular destination".

Tourism Minister, Gustavo Him, and Panama’s Ambassador to  China, Francisco Carlo Escobar, received the award on behalf of the Panamanian Government.

Panama had the largest pavilion and was supported by  9 private companies (tour operators and hotels), at the fair showcasing  53 countries.

“Panama, has what the Chinese market is  looking for: folklore, history, nature, gastronomy, and one of the most important engineering works in the world: The Canal said Him

The ambassador of Panama said that the the inauguration of the first Air China  flight in March will facilitate multi-destination tourism, taking advantage of our connectivity.

He stressed that the approved destination status granted to Panama "is proof of our extensive cooperation with the Chinese people and a lasting friendship."

He said that Chinese citizens with valid visas from the United States, Australia and Canada can enter Panamanian territory. "This measure is applied by other countries in the region for the opportunity to develop multi-destination packages with operating companies in the area," said the ambassador.

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And one other point .throughout history every failing empire the last thing they do is take their people to war as a attempt to hang onto power a little longer . And which country in this world is banging the war drum the most ?

Last year

And anyone that follows the real news can see what is developing here . The USA is trying to rule the world using their military and the world is getting tired of it .whereas the Chinese are building through trade. Think about the silk road china is building around the world and now they have signed a deal with panama to build a much needed railroad .think about the huge copper mine that is being built and the amount of copper panama will have to sell .are you starting to see the picture here .also the US is twisting in the wind as China starts their silk road in central america right on the US doorstep .every empire in history and every currancy in history has failed over time .the USA will also experiance this

Last year
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