Europe-Panama cruise ship flow upswing

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THE GROWING stream of cruise ship passengers arriving in Panama from Europe will continue this season when Aida Mar, of the German shipping company Aida Cruises, arrives at the Colon Harbor 2000, on Friday, November 17, with  3000 passengers.

In the early hours of Monday, November 20, Mein Schiff 6 of the German TUI group will dock with 3,500 passengers in the province of Colón,

Both shipping companies will travel to Panama until March 2018. The German company TUI, one of the largest tour operators in the world made its debut in the Panamanian market on November 21, 2016, with the arrival in Puerto Colon  2000  of Mein Schiff 4, with more than 3,000 aboard.

After its debut on the Panamanian coast, the company made 10 trips, from November 2016 to April this year, with 3,500 passengers at each departure, and from November to April 2018 is scheduled to make another  10 stops as, part of its service in the Caribbean.

Aida Cruises have more than 10 years of docking in Colon, with between five and 10 a year.

Augusto Terracina, the manager of Colón 2000, said that it is also showing interest in the arrival of Thompson Cruises and Carnival UK in England are also showing interest in Panama.

According to Terracina, this year is expected to close with 150 cruise stops in Colon 2000, throughout the cruise season, with an economic impact above $50 million. dollars. The shipping company Pullmantur is disembarking all year which involves A city tour, a tour of the Canal and shopping. “The European always asks for more activities: to know the Canal, region, ecology and historical sites like San Lorenzo, Portobelo and Casco Antiguo, in the city of Panama," he said.

A cruise ship passenger spends about $150 on food, transportation and shopping. And the renewal of the City of Colon and Colon Free Zone  “will increase the province's tourism potential significantly," he said.

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This amount spent per passenger in Colon seems a little high. I reference Grand Cayman Island where cruise ship passengers are treated to a magnificient, and PRISTINE onshore experience with cobblestone streets and streets of duty-free shops carrying the world's finest goods, eating establishments that are world-class, and excursions certainly not matched in Colon, Panama. Yet, the average cruise ship passenger spends $115.60 ashore (in the 2016 cruising year) in the Cayman Islands and almost every passenger disembarks; but not every passenger spends -- some just stroll around sightseeing so the stats can be misleading. Just as a point of interest, Grand Cayman Island receives about 30,000 ship tourists per day in the cruising season with a resident population of approximately 55,000, so you can see the impact to the economy for a country that had no sales tax, no income tax, no property tax. Unfortunately, they don't call it Grand Cayman for nothing -- it costs about $1000/day to live there. (local expat joke) Nearly 100% of goods is imported.

4 years ago

We one enjoyed a 10-11 night cruise from Houston that, among its ports, was Colon. The difference on our cruise with RCCL was that we transited the first set of canal locks and tendered in from Gatun Lake. We toured Panama City and other points of interest in a whirlwind tour. We then met the ship, which had backtracked from the Canal and met us at the Port of Colon. Our only exposure to the city of Colon was exiting the tour bus and traipsing a few hundred yards back to the ship. It was the beginning of our love affair with Panama...where we now live.

4 years ago

Friends who have gone to Colon on cruises don’t want to return to Panama. It leaves a terrible impression of the country and is not a safe place for tourists.

4 years ago

Now if panama can make the area safe is another thing

4 years ago
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