Entrepreneurs still betting on tourism

Bocas beckons

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While Panama’s tourism figures continue to lag and hotels restaurants and entertainment centers have laid off workers there is still a flow of entrepreneurs seeking to get into the l industry.

In the first nine months of this year, the Tourism Authority (ATP)  registered 93 public lodging, mostly from the provinces of Chiriquí, with 28; Bocas del Toro, 25; Coclé, 14; and Panama, 12.

August was the busiest month with the registration of 15 companies interested in developing tourism activities.

Six travel agencies with type  A tour operator licenses also opened shop.

Soraya Alderete, head of the Department of Tourism Quality and Culture, said that Bocas del Toro is a paradise of spectacular landscapes with a mixture of black and indigenous culture, beaches with crystal clear waters, where you can practice water sports and with excellent restaurants.

"Bocas is interesting in every way and the entrepreneur knows that as a destination it is in the sights of European,  and American tourists and will be in the mind of travelers who will come from China," She said. that Panama has as strength its connectivity and geographical position and while once  - tourists stayed in the city, now they are moving to the interior of the country.




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