Departure Tax at Tocumen climbs to $60

5,440Views 6Comments Posted 10/01/2016

LEAVING PANAMA from Tocumen International Airport got more expensive on January 1, when the  departure tax went up $10  to $60.

Your contribution will help the authority raise an extra $30 million a year  allow the airport to improve its finances in preparation for a $625 million bond issue to fund an expansion project.

The tax, which is now being called an airport development fee, is now $50. The fee is included in the cost of a ticket.

Previously, the airport authority distributed 25 percent of the tax to the Panama Tourism Authority and 2.5 percent to the National Commission for the Prevention of Sexual Exploitation.

In other countries in Central America, the departure tax ranges from $29 to $41. Costa Rica has the lowest rate while El Salvador has the second-highest behind Panama.

In Colombia, the tax is $66.

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