Air Europa to open 5 weekly flights to Panama

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The Spanish airline Air Europa will open new routes to  Panama, Medellín (Colombia), and Iguazú (Argentina) in June as part of its expansion plan for 2019 that includes an increase of 8.5% of seats on long-haul flights.

The company will fly to these three new destinations aboard its new fleet of Boeing 787-9 aircraft, designed especially for long-haul flights, capable of reducing travel in 40 minutes and combining environmental performance with comfort, said a company statement on Saturday, January 5.

Air Europa will will open its Panama Route on June 3 and will have five weekly frequencies.

It will fly to Medellín with three weekly frequencies, and two weekly frequencies to Iguazú.

In the three new routes, Air Europa will provide  connections in Madrid with 22 domestic and 16 European destinations, with transits of between 60 and 120 minutes.

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All to Tocumen? Or will anything fly into Rio Hato to help promote tourism in that sector? A lot of investment has been made in Panama Oeste in anticipation of an international airport; now that one has been built, it seems like a dud and I don't think it's because of lack of demand. Anyone know for sure what's going on?

5 months ago
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