New  health security measures for flights in and out of Panama

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With the arrival of the coronavirus in Panama, security measures on flights to and from the country have been expanded  as well as the check-up of passengers arriving at Tocumen International Airport and other air terminals in the national territory reports La Prensa

As an aviation hub in the region, an average of 45,432 passengers pass through Tocumen daily as almost 400 aircraft takeoff and land.

"We are not asking you to make a diagnosis, but to say which passengers had a cough and fever during the flight," said Minister of Health Turner, at a meeting she held with the airlines, to discuss increasing controls.

The minister told the airlines the possibility of aircraft crew-carrying thermometers with infrared measurement to check the temperature of travelers in case of symptoms of fever and dry cough during the journey.

The president of the Association of Air Lines of Panama (ALAP), Fredy Rodríguez, said that it was agreed with the minister to work on the form that passengers and airlines must fill out so that it is the same as suggested by the International Association of Air Transportation (IATA).

"We are working with the Minsa to standardize the form and use the standard that IATA uses, and when it is ready it will be available," Rodriguez said.

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In reply to Oh ya. I do agree with you, but only to a point. True, there are people who abuses the system. But on the other hand, some people like me, were planning on going to another country, but cannot because of the closing of all borders, unfortunately. I am a 78 year "young" Canadian, entitled to 180 days stay in the country and had already planned to leave for Columbia before my time for stay was up. I am now in Limbo. Am also part of the " High risk " population. How about some compassion and caring ? Is that too much to ask ? Fortunately, real Panamean, do care for their elders. Much more different than so called " First World Countries.

4 months ago
Oh ya

Close down tourists for at least a month. Yes it will be a loss but protecting the people here is way more important than make money for a few tourist places. If you do not have legal residency here they should not let you stay. Many foreigners do the perpetual tourist thing so they should not be allowed back in either. They have been here years and never have gotten legal. Sucks to be them but their own fault

4 months ago

This won't work, since people can carry the virus for up to 14 days without any symptoms. Just creates more hysteria.

5 months ago
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