Improving electricity peak demand needs

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 A PROJECT to improve the distribution system and better manage peak demand of Panama electricity supplier ENSA is set to start in May with the deployment of the Innovari Interactive Energy Platform™ (IEP)

A statement from Innovari says it aims to improve service reliability for end-use customers while also improving their system utilization, reliability and grid situational awareness.
Manuel Arancibia, Innovari President Latin America, said: “Panama’s economy is the fastest growing in the region and we believe our platform can help ENSA keep up with its demand and improve grid efficiency and load control.”
“Our work with Innovari is the first partnership of its kind in Panama,” said Rafael Rios Director of Engineering at ENSA. “The energy needs in Panama are on the rise and the technical, economic and financial benefits associated with deploying the IEP are exactly what is needed to improve energy delivery during peak hours.”
ENSA is receiving support to initiate the project in the form of a feasibility study grant from the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA).

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