Passenger ferry to Cartagena, Bocas del Toro underway

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PANAMA’s long anticipated passenger and vehicle sea link with Cartegena, Colombia, will become a reality on Monday, October 27, at 7 pm when Xpress Ferry makes its first scheduled trip.

The ferry operated by the Norwegian company Adriatico will also be making regular weekly trips to Bocas del Toro .
The maiden voyage to Isla Colon in Bocas took place on Friday, October 24, leaving Colon with 400 passengers aboard at 7pm arriving at Bocas at 7 am on Saturday. That will be its ongoing timetable with a scheduled return to Colon leaving at 4 pm on Sunday, and arriving at 4 am on Monday.
Fares to Cartegena start at $99 a head, for a seat Cabins and suites are also available. Each passenger is allowed to board with two suitcases, with a surcharge for more. The vessel has 300 seats and 379 cabins, and can carry 500 cars.
It will leave Monday and Wednesday from Colón for an 18 hour voyage to Cartagena and will return on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
The vessel has three restaurants, a cafeteria, a disco and a casino. It also offers jewellery and fine cigars in a duty free shop.
Passengers can choose from suites, double rooms and comfortable chairs.

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