Moves to keep low-cost airlinein Panama

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Panama’s government is moving to keep low-cost airline Viva Panama flying into Panama Pacifico airport which it had scheduled to abandon on May 20.

President Juan Carlos Varela said Thursday, May 3 that the director of the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), Gustavo Him, had contacted Carlos Duboy, general  manager  of Tocumen Airport, S.A., and a director of the airline, "to seek a funding agreement.”

Viva Colombia is ready to leave the Panamanian market because of the increase in the airport fee: from $ 15 to $ 35, two years ago.

The airline operates the Panama-Bogotá and Panama-Medellín routes, from the Panama Pacific airport in the old military base of Howard. The terminal is operated by Tocumen, S.A.

Since the start of operations, in August 2014, until mid-2017, had transported to 315,000  passengers on their two routes to and from Panama.

"We are going to try to reach an agreement so that the cost of operation from Panama Pacifico enables them to continue flying, "said Varela.

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