Copa Adds new Argentina flights

Salta. Argentina

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Copa Airlines has announced its new direct flights to Salta, in northern Argentina, from December 12. With two weekly frequencies from the Hub of the Americas, in Panama City.

Salta is the capital of the Argentine province that bears the same name, located in the mountainous northwest of Argentina. It is characterized by the combination of Spanish colonial architecture with the modernity of a bohemian and sophisticated city.

[caption id="attachment_86403" align="alignleft" width="300"] Tren a las nubes[/caption]

A tour through the old town can be combined with a trip on the famous "Tren a las nubes", (train in the clouds) which goes through the majestic valleys and gorges of remote rural towns in the province, moving to heights 4,200 meters above sea level. Additionally, the tourist will be able to taste the harvests of the wineries of the area.

Salta joins the cities of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Cordoba, and Mendoza where the airline currently operates in Argentina.


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