Avianca choses United as growth partner

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COPA AIRLINES of Panama and Delta Air Lines were left on the bench when Colombian airline Avianca made its decision on who was going to take the field to help them move up the Airlines league table.

They  chose instead to make a "long­ term strategic ­commercial alliance" with United Airlines.

The terms of the alliance are still to be negotiated.

The other two entities that were interested in establishing an alliance with Avianc will be watching from the sidelines tp see how the new partnerhop pans out.

Shares of Avianca Holdings have fallen 20 percent since December.

According to Avianca, the alliance could generate "opportunities for growth, synergies and economies of scale for the two companies."

Avianca and United Airlines belong to the Star Alliance, a global alliance that delivers service in 192 countries.

Copa is also a Star Alliance member.

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