International flights return to Tocumen October 12

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International flights at f Tocumen International Airport will resume  on Monday, October 12 reports the Civil Aviation Authority (AAC)

The  AAC emphasized that the reopening and reactivation of international aviation must be governed by the protocols established by the Ministry of Health (Minsa).

Among the sanitary measures is the presentation to the airline of the test certificate of swab / PCR or negative antigens with a maximum of 96 hours, prior to boarding the flight from the country of origin.

Likewise, the passenger must sign an acceptance in the affidavit, provided by the airline, through which undertaking to comply with the sanitary control measures and the use of the application to monitor the appearance of symptoms. and provide the landline of the residence where the quarantine will pass.

The Health authorities reported yesterday, on Tuesday, September 22, that the epidemiological indicators of the Covid-19 epidemic   are positive, with  the effective retransmission number (Rt) at 0.96, that is, below 1, which is the ideal value

The fatality rate is 2.1%, and the hospital capacity in wards is 45% and in intensive and semi-intensive care units 51%.


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casual observer

Lots of baseless bullshit posted by fear mongers on this site.

1 month ago

Expat does not write like an Expat.

1 month ago

"Expat"...Fear mongering is not a good thing. Besides Covid 19...We feel safe, as do many foreigners living here in Panama. I hope you have better days "Expat"

1 month ago

Nobody will sign Cortizo's idiotic agreements. Panama is done. Bancrupt no hotels lots of Gestapo in the streets and no leadership in sight. Panama is a dangerous place for any foreigners. Safe your life stay out. Why Panama or want you go in one of the jails for nothing ? They catch you.

1 month ago
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