Health Minister  promises early announcement on beach openings

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After concerns raised by business associations over closed beaches prompted Panama resident Launrentino Cortizo on Monday to ask health authorities to rethink their strategies on beaches and Sunday quarantines    Health Minister  Luis Francisco Sucre announced that the date for the reopening of the country’s beaches will be given soon.

Bur: "If the beaches are going to be opened, they are not going to allow packed large vehicles or buses," he said.

He indicated that the use of the beaches will take place in the family nucleus and there may not be groups larger than seven people.

Likewise, it will not be allowed to carry liquor or sell food or alcoholic beverages on an itinerant basis.

"Liquor and food have to be properly dispensed in places of commerce such as restaurants, inns or hotels,  unless they have brought food and use it in their family bubble," he explained on TVN Noticias.

"While they are in their family bubble, they may be able to remove their masks, but if they are going to move where there are other people they must use them " he said.

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Comments 2

casual observer

You don't even live here. Why are you posting?

1 month ago

You really can't make this kind of stupidity up. So people can ride on an enclosed bus but can't be on an open air beach without a mask. The tyranny of this PRD regime is really over the top. The Panamanian people have watched for 8 months mass arrests, public beatings, parades of shame for people who violated. Now the people meekly accept it for fear of what the police might do to them. What a bunch of conquered pussies.

1 month ago
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