First incoming  passenger with covid-19 in hospital hotel

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The first incoming  passenger who arrived at Tocumen International Airport with Covid-19  since the resumption of international flights  is in a hospital hotel.

She is a foreigner, from Uruguay, but is a resident of Panama.

The passenger arrived on Monday, October 12, the day Panama formally declared the operations of the Tocumen air terminal open.

According to the Ministry of Health (Minsa), the passenger did not have a test for the new coronavirus, and her body temperature was high. "She was tested and it was positive," says the Ministry.

She was immediately sent to a hotel-hospital, where she will be under observation. Those who came with her on the same flight will also be under observation.

She will be in isolation for 14 days. "So far the passenger has not presented major medical complications, but remains under monitoring by the health teams of Panama," the ministry reported.

Passengers  entering  the country must bring a Covid-19 negative certificate or take a test at the airport, with the result of delivered in 20-30 minutes.

If the test is  positive the person must comply with the biosafety protocols decreed by the Ministry of Health.





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Comments 5


From what I have heard, she had a test result that showed she was negative but showed a slight fever. It's also known that Minsa tests are unreliable. We have friends that went to a private hospital and tested negative, but minsa rules and their test was positive. When the news mentioned that several experts have asked minsa to change their tests due to unreliability they started to call people saying they are negative..???? In today's world everything is covid, even people that perished during a crash have died from covid.

1 month ago

Anyone foolish enough to travel during this pandemic deserves no sympathy.

1 month ago

She is a foreigner, from Uruguay, but is a resident of Panama. NOT A TOURIST. It was stupid on her part to not have the test done before she boarded a plane to come here, now everyone on that flight will have to be watched.

1 month ago

Yes, another dumb ass tourist gets on a plane with a high temperature......idiot

1 month ago

I knew it was only a matter of time until a tourist ended up in a Covid hotel.

1 month ago
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