Copa’s Boeing MAX 737 fleet will fly again when “completely safe”

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The Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, “will fly again when it is completely safe to fly them”  was the message from the US Federal Aviation Agency administrator, Steve Dickson to CEO’s of Latin American airlines, including Copa   and  civil aviation authorities of the region  on Monday October 28  at an  Airline Leaders Forum held in Brasilia. organized by the Latin American and Caribbean Aerial Transport Association.

The planes have been grounded since March 14, due to failures in the stabilization system of the aircraft or also known as MCAS that would have caused two fatal accidents.

"I will fly in the MAX myself ... We will gain confidence and we will return the plane to service," he said without specifying a timeline.  In the industry they expect the certification to be granted again later this year.

Airlines such as  Copa,  United,  and American Airlines have, on their flight itineraries, canceled the operations of the MAX until the end of January 2020.

The US regulator explained that the FAA evaluates that the manufacturer complies with the recommendations that were made and is constantly reviewing the adoption of the new software, but also that all pilots are properly trained.




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