Copa Latin America’s most punctual airline,, # 2 worldwide

1,438Views 0Comments Posted 06/01/2020

For the seventh successive year Copa Airlines has been named  “the most punctual airline in Latin America”.

The recognition comes from Cirium, a company that until 2019 published under the signature of FlightStat. The airline registered a punctuality index higher than 92% during 2019, the highest among the more than 500 airlines evaluated.

OAG (Official Airline Guide) in London, distinguished Copa Airlines as " the second most punctual airline in the world ", consolidating it in the top 5 worldwide for the fifth consecutive year.

The recognitions of Cirium and the OAG ratify the commitment and responsibility of the airline with its passengers, by consolidating for the fifth consecutive year in the top 5 of the most punctual airlines in the world,

Copa Airlines also obtained the highest rating  in  all of America and worldwide (92.16%) among the 500 airlines evaluated by OAG

To establish its results, OAG analyzed more than 57.7 million flight registrations made by more than 250 airlines, between January 1 and December 31, 2019.

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