All international passenger flights in and out of Panama, suspended

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President Laurentino Cortizo, whose actions against the coronavirus have already  earned a thumbs-up from  the UN has ordered the suspension of all international passenger  flights, for 30 days, starting  Sunday, March 22, at 11:59 pm

Freight, humanitarian and domestic flights are not affected

The measure is applicable to all international arrival and departure flights, and particularly affects Tocumen Airport, one of the most important terminal areas in Latin America by the number of destinations and traffic mobilized. It operates flights to and from more than 90 cities in America and Europe, covering much of Latin America. It is also the main hub of operations for Copa Airlines that has already reduced 80% of its activities.

Ecuador, Colombia, El Salvador, and Guatemala are among  regional  countries that have already closed  their skies- or have announced that they will,

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Panama. And exactly how are those surfer girls going to pay for their room and board? Could you please describe it to me?

Last year

government, the well connected, and the wealthy will not be affected

Last year

And i am willing to help those wayward surfer girls stuck in panama if they need a place to hangout for a month

Last year
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