10,000  Delta Airlines employees take a voluntary  layoff

2,064Views 0Comments Posted 18/03/2020

Around 10,000 Delta Air Lines employees, 11% of its workforce, left the company as part of a voluntary layoff plan, the US airline, seriously affected by the new coronavirus pandemic, announced Wednesday,.

Delta had taken a number of savings measures in recent days, including unpaid leave and the voluntary layoff plans.

According to a document sent to the stock market supervisor, the SEC, 10,000 employees accepted the voluntary departure and have already left.

But the bleeding doesn't stop: "I urge any employee (...) to assess whether a temporary voluntary departure is not in their best interest for him and his family at this time. Remember, you will continue to have access to benefits like health and travel coverage. "wrote the president of the firm Ed Bastian.

The president and board members have given up their compensation for the next six months, while salaries for top executives will decrease by 25-50% until next June.

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