The protective cloak of the Comptroller General

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The current head of the Comptroller General –if he has ever been in charge– has done nothing but protect those involved in each scandal reported in the media.

The comptroller, as a good partner, has extended his protective cloak, not caring about trampling on the good name of the institution or tearing apart the institutionality that he represents. His mission is to serve as a shield.

The Accounts Prosecutor's Office reminded him that he can investigate the allocation of economic aid granted to children of political figures, but he did not.

Now – after a letter sent by a lawyer who recommends not endorsing the financial assistance allocated for discretionary use to elected positions – the comptroller, once again, remains on the sidelines.

He affirmed that, "if there are reasons of a legal or economic nature that support the refusal to endorse the economic assistance to which it refers, the Comptroller's Office will act accordingly." That is, he has seen nothing to make that decision. The only thing he is right about is that the Electoral Tribunal should get involved, since these scholarships are used for political purposes. And, despite being clear about the misuse of these funds, the comptroller endorses. Can you be more dismissive? – LA PRENSA, Nov. 20.