The failure of youth protection

Protestors against child abuse at government supervized shelters

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The national government has outstanding debts with the youth of this country. Young people lack an education in line with the new century - an aspiration so old that the years without fulfilling it are counted in decades - and which is the worst of all the inheritances that the youth can receive from our politicians. It seems that, deliberately, they aspire to let  ignorance reign, rather than a prepared population. In health, there is no progress for our young people, and less in personal safety. The scandals of the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents, and the Family (Senniaf) attest to the little importance that the rulers give to the youth. And now we see with great pain, how the security forces - without exception - fail to provide protection. The Security Council, the National Police and other intelligence entities have failed to provide citizen security. That is why hundreds of young people are recruited by gangs and gangs, and in other cases, we see children and young people fall victim to the crossfire in clashes between these criminal groups. All this screams in our faces the disdain with which the future of our country is treated. It really is a shame! LA PRENSA, Jun. 21.

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