Severe punishment for those who put all at risk

1,130Views 0Comments Posted 24/03/2020

All of us, Panamanians and foreigners, are the key to defeating the virus together. Solidarity and responsibility begin by avoiding contagion. Every time someone is exposed in a park, queuing to enter the lottery or looking for an excuse to leave home, it is one more door that opens to contagion.

The misbehavior of a few forces the tightening of  sanitary control measures. It seems that there are those who need more serious measures, with severe punishments, to understand that this is a serious problem.

A clumsiness, a whim or an irresponsibility can make us a burden on the health system. We should all serve as an example of what happened in Europe, where countries with a culture similar to ours have to deal with a Dantesque panorama, because their population did not cooperate as it should.

There, like here, there are people who thought that the pandemic was not with them. A gross mistake that is costing us all. Health personnel who risk their lives and those who do not deserve the danger caused by a handful of irresponsible people, who should face punishment for exposing us.- LA PRENSA, Mar.24


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