Quarantine SHOPPING hours NOT dog walking

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The pandemic progresses in Panama. Major hospitals have to face the harsh reality of managing scarce resources to deal with the virus. The vast majority of Panamanians know and understand all this, so it is unjustifiable that a part of the citizenry does not fully realize that the two hours of daily departure authorized in the current quarantine is not a license for recreation.

 It is not a space for socializing, visiting family members, exercising in the parks or in the social areas of the condominiums, or taking the dog for a walk. Those 120 minutes should be used exclusively to search for the necessary food and medicines.

 If people have enough food, then they have no moral reason to go out and expose themselves to contagion or to infect third parties who do need to go out. How many times do you have to say it? It is truly impressive that certain streets and areas of the capital look like fairs.

Those who mock the purpose of the quarantine are forcing the government to extend it and apply more severe restrictions. The Covid-19 has as its best allies the most inconsiderate citizens LA PRENSA, Mar.26

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Claire, I agree 100% and I am not a dog owner but a dog lover! Being locked up is nonsense it just creates other kind of illness.

5 months ago

How ridiculous, stupid, and short sighted! What are people supposed to do with their dogs confined 24 hours per day? Plus sunshine is very good for the health--and helping to PREVENT illnesses. People could certainly walk (and walk their dogs) while staying away from other people.

5 months ago
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