Prosecutor requests trial of Martinelli and 24 cohorts

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The Public Ministry (MP) has requested the summons to trial of 25 people in the “New Business ” case for the alleged use of public funds for the purchase of the Epasa publishing group  publisher of Critica and Dia a Dia in 2010, during the Ricardo Martinelli government period (2009-2014).

The  Prosecutor's Office against Organized Crime, reported that on Thursday, March 18, it sent the file to the Third Court for Criminal Proceedings of the First Judicial Circuit of Panama.

In the fiscal hearing - which consists of 161 volumes - the dismissal is also requested for 9 people, investigated for the alleged commission of the crime against the economic order, in the form of money laundering.

The brothers Daniel and David Ochy, Felipe Pipo Virzi, Gabriel Btesh, Riccardo Francolini, Ricardo Chanis and Martinelli  are among the accused.

As part of the investigation, it was established that $43,912,828. was transferred through a complex scheme for the purchase of a social media outlet, the MP said in a statement. Of that amount, $9.2,million in shares has been recovered, which were remitted to the National Treasury; this represents, in turn, the recovery of 30% of the shares of the Epasa publishing group for the State.

Former President Martinelli was one of the last defendants. The prosecution summoned him to the investigation on July 2, but he accepted article 25 of the Constitution order not to testify against himself, brought out the principle of specialty between Panama and the States, and presented a medical disability.

In this case, the former president has a measure preventing him from leaving the country, and the duty to notify the judicial authorities on the 15th of each month reports La Prensa.

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George Klk

Addendum: A state's government can usually be pointed out by how it handles and protects the institutions for the children's funds and welfare. Panama children's hospital was a long overdue institution that took ages to come to a reality. As the Panama institutions begins the deterioration process due to government lack of financial support (Panama taxpayer's dollars), the value of its citizens takes a back seat to... unemployment, ignorance to the underground news...(suppression), losses and financial threats by high elite rollers with powerful political friends, and the prepping of propagandas for the new party forming elites. In other words, to make have to play by their rules and now the game plan of a corrupt underground money making scheme. after hotels with vacancies galore and value estimates to occupy reserved for the underground elites, specifically a Russian / U.S. Trump Key to the City...entitlement for the money laundering operations of deliberate sky rocket unit sales...clean money. Panama's prime real estate reserved for the Russian and future presidents / dictators of the world. Panama's prime real estate is Panama recognition to foreigners it is ready to make... high profit businesses for them to continue in return for great political favors for the establishment of permanent power, money and fame! Panama president does not recognize this except for a Unity of...Money! (Posted in Facebook): Panama | Underground Operations Reaches Children's Shelter. Shady characters...front men, henchmen and institutions lack of foresight. Panama is emphatically notorious for it many varied forms of its criminal underground. First crime on the list of agendas... 1. State Funds and ineffective laws to guard citizens tax payers treasury allocations. 2. Cut medical supplies, medicines and Social Security...quality of health services. 3. Cut education tuition. 4. Contact Brazil's Odebrecht for more campaign funds for re-elections for... old timer millionaires in their elite ranking club. 5. Contact Guatemala's Parlacen for an opening as deputies to be sworn in for the purposes of impunity corruptions against the state funds and various other crimes of Panama. 6. Contact Mexico's underground for drug routes through the use of Panama to the United States. 7. Release 100's Panama prison inmates with Presidential pardons for a...[unified]...efficient underground reign of institutional infiltration. 8. Contact children's shelter and gain legal knowledge of quick access to shelters funds. 9. Infiltrate shelter institutions with a legal attorney and family of heavy weight, under educated qualified conmen and women on the rush for quick cash and sexual favors. 10. Infiltrate Panama's police department with an aligned underground presidential operation with bonuses. 11. Infiltrate Panama's jail system favoring...high wheeling...and dealing king pin gangsters. 12. Infiltrate Panama's court system with false real estate bonds for quick jail bond release. 13. Infiltrate Panama's security system with foreign high tech surveillance systems with underground cash purchases. 14. Pay the Panama president to look the other way for the...[untouchables]! 15. Panama ignores foreign interference for shared mutual crack down on the... underground crime activities with proven U.S. economic job creating deals. Children shelter abuses from this type of operation is the last line of defense that has proven an utter failure for the... Panama Cortizo administration. Now, for the arrest of a...few. Panama should get the world's fascinating recognition award... (a joke).

5 months ago
George Klk

Panama | Martinelli Complicit - Trump / Russian Hotel Money Laundering Operation. YouTube has video information documentary on this underlying mother of all... underground operation basics of building this story. Key foreign dictators and wannabee dictators (U.S. former president Trump) is all that is needed for a pawn on the board advantage move by...killer Russian Putin. Its a classic espionage in the making, all but the bloody massacres of Panamanians. History will not get to the root matter, but it does mention Putin and Trump on a basis that is mostly out of context with the whole of Panama / Global matters. Then, it is a blaming game...root - Russia Putin / U.S. Trump. U.S. former secretary Hillary Clinton was more inclined to the favors of... Arab Muslims such as Qatar and their proposal for their commercial airline base at Tocumen airport...future passenger planes as missiles attacks on Panama canals. Why was Hillary Clinton so blind (money)? I did say she was the Eve of the forbidden fruit years ago and still the world of U.S. politics side steps any issue regarding this matter. Panama cannot even protect the children's shelter from abuse from deep underground criminal operations.

6 months ago
George Klk

Panama | Martinelli Court Appearances...Non Attended Delays. Martinelli... 1. Article 25 2. Specialty Principle 3. Medical disability (stress cancer?)... Non court appearances should deny his right to exercise the above with probable cause of deliberate delay tactics and meritless claims. 1. Martinelli hired experts from Israel for his Pegasus spy equipment. 2. Threatened witnesses...attempting to know their names. - Claimed it was cheaper to pay off the judges than pay witnesses for any damage. 3. Shut down the news media with attorney desist letters. 4. Used his sons to retrieve money owed to him and attempted to keep it from the public. 5. Attempted to seize the former Attorney General property and assets with children at residence. 6. Released 100's of prison inmates with presidential pardons. 7. Demanded money from a bank by stating...The Boss! 8. Obtain a suitcase of untold money from Panama's taxes. 9. Attempted to enjoy the services of a prostitute while in detention, was denied and sulked. - Medical condition cancer? 10. Fled for the U.S., purchased a mansion, yacht and was last seen drinking with his buddies. 11. Hired a battery of lawyers soon after joining Guatemala's Parlacen. 12. Plans to form a new political party for purposes of impunity. Very beginning...crime facts: 13. Used PAN to purchase Israel's Pegasus Spy equipment. 14. Used PAN to purchase ham contaminated with metals for school kids lunches? (Not sure of the story, but a grocery supermarket...billionaire)! 15. Left Panama and still avoids the courts with the Specialty Principle... United States is not a Specialty Principle, no longer for Martinelli / Paraphrased. Martinelli crimes are ever more an ongoing crises of a courts systems moral ethics and values. Martinelli created a court system... Pact of Magistrates that continue to aid and abet Martinelli with impunities! Martinelli's crimes of underground operations with his... Pegasus spy equipment is a serious Panama / Global crises of international... Grey list and Black list organized crimes enlisting the aid of the... Panama National Assembly with their visit to Martinelli at his... prison hospital by way of communications...strategies.

6 months ago
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