Presidential candidate loses escape hatch

1,161Views 0Comments Posted 06/06/2023


Last Sunday, in an act to simulate an election, the RM party appointed its presidential candidate, a subject with criminal charges against him, who, in search of political alliances, invented a party to offer votes in exchange for a good deal that allows him to get out of his legal troubles. Meanwhile, the subject has done everything in his power – in collusion with a legal team, which long ago ceased to be a collaborator of justice – to buy time for this moment, precisely: time for internal “elections”, primaries, and general in 2024. All with the aim, in addition, of obtaining electoral criminal jurisdiction, which will stop the processes in which it is part. He has been successful, until now, but he has also suffered setbacks since the Electoral Tribunal lifted his temporary immunity and he has had to face his judges, but not before filing a fight to be absent, using medical excuses, both from him and from his lawyers. And this is how, every time he has to go to court, he either used the jurisdiction to be absent or an excuse for illness, surgery or mosquito bites. The bad news for the subject is that having been lifted, he can no longer use them. – LA PRENSA, Jun. 6.