Powerful child abusers must be held to account

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As expected, cases of child abuse, mistreatment, and other aberrations against minors continue to add up in the Assembly, where a legislative subcommittee gathered evidence that unleashed the Senniaf scandal, accepting complaints published in the pages of this newspaper. Yesterday, deputies affirmed that there are names of figures of economic or political power and / or both, that have come to light, although everything indicates that the Public Ministry has begun to investigate from below. We trust that the Attorney in charge will support his staff as these names appear in the investigations. Otherwise, this institution will continue to lose credibility in the face of high-profile cases, something that the former Attorney General managed to do with success. We must not forget that our most vulnerable population is children and that, Taking advantage of this fragility, they were abused, even sexually, so there should be no room for half-hearted investigations or looking the other way or indulgence out of friendship or affinity. They are serious and unforgivable crimes, which have deserved the attention of the whole of society. We demand that - whoever the abusers are - the full weight of the law falls on them.- LA PRENSA, Mar. 11

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Ancon Harpy

So who are these people? Why is the lack of aggressive reporting so frequent? The press is also guilty of helping to cover up these crimes.

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A 4 part documentary of a survival victim. Understand how and what is happening and by who! Overcoming Elite Child Sex Slavery & Pedophilia - Anneke Lucas https://cetv.one/programs/elite-pedophilia-sex-rituals-anneke-lucas | FALL CABAL PARTS 1-10 - THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE - JANET OSSEBAARD (this is an extremely shocking documentary that will shock you to your core but has a positive ending) https://www.bitchute.com/video/KMBcAvYH1f3L/ | If you want to know what the government media is hiding from you about COVID-19 and the other pandemics this is the video for you. https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=U2MO9D8A8U2D

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I wonder if Mario Cuomo or the Biden's have been visiting those centers. lot's of hair for pervy uncle Joe to sniff.

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