PERFECT STORM: Failed lawyers,lazy mayor

Mayor Fabrega

446Views 0Comments Posted 30/07/2021

Recently, the president of the Supreme Court complained that lawyers seeking his suitability are failing in induction courses taught by the Superior Institute of the Judiciary of Panama. Of the almost 600 lawyers who took the seminar between January and May of this year, 50% failed, but - yes - all received their suitability. That is why it is not surprising that there are hundreds of complaints against justices of the peace in the capital district, accused, among other things, of arbitrariness and excess of duties. To examine and resolve these conflicts between citizens and judges, the mayor of the capital city, José Luis Fábrega, must appoint a commission for this purpose, but this official seems to be busy with matters more important than these minutiae, since the members of such commission have not been appointed, despite the fact that the Ministry of Government (Mingob) has requested it. Given the laziness that reigns in the Mayor's Office, the Mingob is preparing reforms to the law, to see if this will solve some issues, that is, to have more than a voice to solve these problems. Hopefully the mayor does not oppose this initiative, as he usually does. After all, you will get more of what you love: free time.

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