Panama’s shameful poisoning legacy

Survivors protesting at the Supreme Court 3 years ago. They are still waiting !

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Hundreds of people continue o suffer the consequences of having ingested medicines produced by the Social Security Fund contaminated with diethylene glycol. This has been one of the worst medical tragedies in the world,  - for the number of people poisoned and for the number who have died - it has been much worse than the one suffered by about a hundred people in the United States in 1938, triggering the creation of the Federal Law of Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics of that country.

This month marks the 15th anniversary of this catastrophe, which has left a deep trace of pain, at the same time it has become an embarrassment for our public health system, which has treated victims of the poisoning with very little empathy. Patients have had to fight tooth and nail every little conquest to receive treatment or compensation from the state. The authorities have forgotten that they owe a debt to all those affected, but with each passing year, the 2006 scandal is buried under the weight of inhuman indifference and carelessness and by government shamelessness, incapable of assuming its responsibility in this done. Is this our solidarity Panama? – LA PRENSA Oct. 9.

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George Klk

Panama: Panama National Assembly Minimal Work for Their Time. Minimal work strategy is ingrained for the P.N.A. use of State funds. Panamanians are expendable and the less there are the more money for the P.NA. Sounds ridiculous, but there is an element of truth when they play Kings and Queens. P.N.A. are so deserving they still have not addressed the article from the date of Sept. 27, 2021. Movin presents draft bill to end double-dipping. - Source: Panama News Room. Will the law changes be made to correct - Double Dipping. Countless government workers without the names mentioned and how much illegally collected. Yes, there were what appeared a norm for a loop hole but at their criminal mind convenience! Law that means nothing... as long as they the lawmakers think they can get away with it. Panama National Assembly criminal state of minds are so hard wired, it would literally take a crow bar and in many cases, a practice in other Countries, a give me my money - Gun persuasion! Panama citizens will eventually have to tote a gun, men and women just to get their hourly on the job pay from these ruthless government dictator officials. As for the Panama president Cortizo? He will steal your dirt and sell it with his manure (shit) and go on with counting his excessive $millions in executive pay!

1 month ago
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