Panama’s family monarchy

On the road to Damascus?

717Views 0Comments Posted 24/07/2020

Overnight, a family wants to turn Panama into a monarchy, in which the rule is "the State is us". The global shame to which the country has been subjected for its actions in a dark five-year period has not been enough, so now it is intended that the President of the Republic and the Minister of Foreign Relations should use the little political capital of Panama, to demand Guatemala Guatemala hand  over two people who fled from the United States.

 What kind of historical aberration do they intend to carry out? Panamanians are very clear that these people already had their passport for judicial immunity, having received bonds in absentia, without having been investigated, and even safe-conducts to move throughout the country in the midst of the pandemic.

They have authorized a humanitarian flight, with an additional passenger to the allegedly authorized.

They had five years to come to justice without privileges or shields. No one believes that now, in the face of serious FBI allegations in federal court in New York, they have seen the light on their way to Damascus. Stop impunity and stop smearing the name of Panama - LA PRENSA, Jul 24

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