Panama up against a grey wall

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Panama is part of a community: the international one, which has its own rules and is governed by norms that Panama does not necessarily share. If our country decides - by action or omission - that it is not willing to comply with these standards, then Panama is isolated from the rest of the countries with which it does business and maintains other types of relationships. That is, it is separated and enters the so-called grey or blacklists. To regain its privileges as a member of the international community, Panama must compromise and abide by its rules or simply live isolated from the rest of the world. Panama decided on the former: it promised to comply but has not done so and the country has returned to a grey list, since it has been unable to make a recommendation: offshore, and that the competent authorities may have access to this information to monitor money laundering and terrorist financing. As is customary in Panama, promises - even the law - are broken, and that has us up against the wall, and we will continue to do so if the Government continues with this looseness. - LA PRENSA, May 5



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Dear La Prensa. Is following the international rules accepting the complete wrong guidelines of the WHO for Panama. Lockdown the poors until they contaminated thousends of themselves. Installing a police state with controls and brutality behind every corner here in Panama. Following the corrupt OECD by installing their laws and making their policies? I could bring endless examples. Cortizo the hushmoney taker is part of this international taker systems. We should make sure not to have notorious takers in the office and should go our own way paved by the assets of the Canal. And we sould be real democratic. No military was a good step we should now control the police restrictive. Not to speak about the chinese massive influence here.

1 month ago
George Klk

Panama: Isthmus Insignificant International Policies... Only Trade $$$'s Count. Panama National Assembly began with a former president Martinelli leadership pact. Panama former president Martinelli established a free monetary policy among his circles. Martinelli assurances of wealth among his circles spreads like wildfire... promotional wealth and life-time career opportunities. Martinelli's metro train system brain-washed Panama's loyalty. Martinelli leaves Panama and the National Assembly await his great return in... VICTORY! Martinelli fights the allegations as political persecutions and delays due process. Martinelli... Martinelli...What will he do next? Promise Panamanians a strong infrastructure economy? Remember the Metro line joy celebrations? The high personal commissions... state funds! Martinelli's grand plan comes with a price to pay... (don't cross him)! Children shelters funds depleted by an attorney with legal powers to do so? An underground operation by hitmen for $$$'s? Where did they come from? A Martinelli era of jobs and construction debt... Martinelli profits! Impunity means more corruption opportunities and Martinelli knows all the corruption network front men and new underground partnerships... Pegasus spy equipment! Let Panama go after the corrupt leaders and remind them of their evil deeds. Panama National Assembly... silence and ignorance of the facts! Panama president Cortizo is busy counting his Executive allowance pay and investing. P.N.A. do not want to lose their accumulated wealth in their millionaire's club. Martinelli's lawyers do want to lose their favorite wealthy client. The poor people of Panama? Take their houses and land... why? Use the houses and land as properties worth $100's millions for criminal bail money! Poor houses worth millions for bail according to a recent bail report for the... underground. Sons of the underground... Martinelli's sons have $28 millions still owed to their father. United States detains the... Sons of the underground and much of this money may be under seizure as frozen assets with more possible sanctions to come against the leadership of... Panama and the Panamanians will be the ones to suffer. Does any good come out of Panama? Look into the Prisons and see the filth of politics!

1 month ago
General Butler

Another plea for Panama to just bend over and let the globalists take over. Can folks still not see that Panama went along with the globalists in committing socio-economic suicide by locking down, refusing to promote known therapies, and promoting the experimental vaxx? Nothing will ever satisfy the globalists until they are in complete control. Either Panama is a sovereign nation or not.

1 month ago
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