Panama leads region in COVID-19 fight

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Panama is facing the COVID-19 threat with strategic sanitary measures. Unlike other countries in the region, where the low number of infected is suspicious, ours has sought to diagnose as many cases as possible. The sanitary fence, the curfew and now the total quarantine have been tools applied with the aim of reducing infections.

 If these measures had not been applied, there is no doubt that our reality would be much worse. The health authorities have been transparent about what citizens must do to avoid contagion: personal hygiene measures, social distancing and staying at home. However, all this will only be effective to the extent that we act with solidarity and citizen responsibility. It is no coincidence that nations with these characteristics have managed to escape the devastating effect of the pandemic. You cannot play games  with a virus or cheat the health control, because what is at risk is everyone's life. -  LA PRENSA, Apr. 5

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Panama may lead the region in COVID-19 response, but I doubt if the same can be said about the quality of life being experienced by Panamanians in lock-down. On Taboga Island, last Saturday's ferry to Panama City was abruptly and inexplicably cancelled. Due to high demand and limited space, the next option for most men to get to the city is next week Thursday, April 16. That's a very long time to exist with an empty refrigerator. Panama's virus response overshadows all other health concerns, many of which are as deadly as an active case of COVID-19. TIP. Cooler heads will not prevail.

1 month ago
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